Umeed 1000

by RBL Bank

Marketing Communication

Knowledge demands accessibility

An early access to knowledge asks for commitment and accessibility in return for shaping the next generation of a country. Despite knowing this, India still has a wide education gap that needs to be bridged. RBL Bank realised this and launched Umeed 1000, adopting schools that gave preference to the marginalised. This initiative raised money to build facilities for such schools by bringing the entire nation together for its cause.

Bridging the gap

Umeed 1000, the CSR initiative of RBL Bank, became a joint venture between the Bank and LifeCykul, an app that monitors the fitness journey of its users. Through this collaboration, one could walk, run or cycle to cover a certain distance of kilometres which would then be converted into monetary value and then donated towards the development of the schools adopted by the Brand. Indians united for this cause and walked, ran and cycled to bring children closer to school.

Reaching closer to school

To paint the larger picture in the minds of people so they join the cause, we needed to engage with the true problem statement of this campaign. This exercise led to creating a full fledged digital campaign revolving around the thought ‘When Edu meets You, we’re closer to school’. Through this line, the campaign not only directed more participants in the movement but also created momentum. Participants covered a distance of 1,14,289 kms, all to bring marginalised children closer to education.