FinTech Yatra

Branding & Identity, Marketing Communication, Film & Motion

From cash to cashless

Man's relationship with money is probably one that holds much attachment. While this may not be fuelled by a sense of superiority in the capital world, being attached to money has indeed become a superior value for the various transactions of life. Today, these transactions are cashless and supported by safety and security. However, this fact of the “cashless” economy remained widely unknown. Mr Abhishant Pant made it his purpose to educate the world about going cashless and find the next big fintech idea. Thus began the FinTech Yatra.

Building an inclusive space

The FinTech Yatra not only limited its milestones to the Indian subcontinent but also beyond national boundaries. Soon enough Mr Pant’s journey was covered by international news networks like the BBC and Al Jazeera. As a result, this journey came to be the epitome of inclusion within the fintech space, and became an annual event on-the-go.

Symbolising the yatra

This assignment began with a challenge to capture the vastness and inclusivity of this compelling movement. Hence, the circle within the logo represents the earth and the trapeze around the logo represents the dynamic global nature of the journey. The upward arrows represent its progressive vision while the dots or ellipses represent the conversations that make this movement whole. The colour palette of the logo is optimistic, just like the yatra.