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We are passionate and dedicated in our approach towards any project we take on. Each client's ambition and varied business objectives enable us to uniquely tailor our approaches by applying meticulous planning, eye for detail, skill and craftsmanship. We reduce the superfluous and concentrate our energy in delivering functional, enduring, and effective solutions that are toned right to fit for purpose.

Branding and Identity

Branding is much more than its aesthetic components. It creates an impression in the consumers' minds and helps distinguish your brand from others. Therefore, it is a holistic practice, ranging from nomenclature to building brand identity. At Cultivate Design, we realise the importance of a strong sense of identity and provide services that resonate with your brand vision.

Nomenclature • Brand Mark Development • Brand Guidelines • Stationery Design • Brand Applications • Signage System Design

Packaging Design

A good packaging design can shape your products into users’ minds. It holds great significance as it is the first interface between the product and user. A multi-disciplinary practice that blends form, function, materials, colour, and information to suit the marketing function. At Cultivate Design, we aim to provide you with unique packaging designs that fit your marketing needs.

Publication Design

From magazine designs to newsletters, publication design blends cohesive information and design to provide you with the most suitable layout that suits your communication by incorporating infographics with long-format pieces that connects well with your audience.

With the help of our skilled team, we aim to bring your publication to life and accomplish the purpose of your publication.

Marketing Communications

Connecting people and the brand in a unique way is what marketing communications is all about. For the customers to understand your message in the most effective way, a team of creative individuals plan, strategise and develop the necessary communication required in the most interesting way.

At Cultivate Design, we believe in creating communications that help build strong relationships between the brand and consumer.

Digital & Social Media

There is no better way to optimise your business than utilising the power of digital and social media. A presence on social media enables you to directly reach your customers and also explore new markets. It includes intense planning, strategising, monitoring your reach, and running analysis to ensure that your business is visible on the internet.

Our strong team of digital and social media managers and strategists understand all the digital touchpoints that a consumer interacts with and work to bring your business to the forefront.

Film & Motion

The 'Moving Images' is a powerful tool of communication. It enables your brand to speak to the audience visually. Quite often the audience tends to take a part of the story with them, and this is exactly what we intend to do; create a story that resonates with your audience.

Here at Cultivate, with the collective efforts of our skilled scriptwriters, cinematographers, and directors, we weave stories that speak volumes for your brand.

What can we cultivate for you?