Sustainability Report (2020-21)

by L&T Finance Holdings

Publication, Film & Motion

Valuing sustainability

Transparency is looking into the other side and seeing things as they are, by steering clear from any misunderstanding. This is one of the fundamental values to live by as a brand in the financial sector as it is the basis for building trust. L&T Finance Holdings, one of the most valued and fast-growing NBFC in India, was looking to design its Sustainability Report for the year, 2020-21. It allowed us to put on our thinking caps to create a publication design that would truly showcase what the Brand stands for.

The parameters of growth

Growth multiplies when the efforts are collective. For years, L&T Finance Holdings has been a Brand that prioritises those who trust it. Growth isn't a simplified process. It includes various parameters. We decided to weave our theme around these parameters that denote collective growth, by connecting the dots - People, Business, and Community. We designed the Sustainability Report 2020-21 on the theme, 'Growing Together'. Banking on this core belief, we weaved the theme keeping in mind the collective efforts of the various stakeholders who contributed to L&T Finance Holdings.

An overarching thought

Taking into account the brand colours, we were inspired by the hues of yellow that also represent the sun. The sun is associated with growth that it brings and hence, we used a design element similar to that of sunrays to showcase the brand’s various offerings.

The brand colours were resonant throughout the publication design. For the inner pages, the layout was set to be simple with the right amount of infographics and textual information to make the report comprehensive.