ESG Report (2019-20)

by PIL


A significant connection

A connection is nothing but a link or relationship between two or more elements. Every element in nature is inter-connected. These connections we speak of, have been translated into every civilisation's infrastructure. Roadways, waterways, and pipelines have served as innovative creations that led to the development of cities. Through the years, pipelines have transported essential materials across vast geographic areas. One such important link to evolution is the PIL Pipeline, India's first bi-directional pipeline. Pipeline Infrastructure Limited is a brand that prioritises safety while connecting India with resources. Keeping the brand's vision in mind, we created a publication design for its Environmental, Social and Governance report for the year, 2019-20.

Three pillars of advancement

Transparency is a pathway to trust. With clear intentions, you reduce the scope for any misunderstanding and make way for trust. This builds a foundation for the growth of prospects. With these fundamental values in mind, we came up with the theme for PIL's ESG Report - 'Transparency. Trust. Growth.'

Looking closely

A lightbulb connotes more than a moment of inspiration. If you look closely, you see that the mechanism of the bulb is visible. Every time you flip the switch on, you know what to expect. You are aware of how the bulb lights up. It is because you see, you can believe that it works.

When it came to the layout, the text and the infographics were balanced in order to please the eye. We highlighted the brand colours throughout the publication design, with the warm hues of yellow and red and incorporated greys for the cover page to highlight the brand.