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We enhance the quality of our life by enjoying small daily indulgences, such as taking extra time to care for ourselves by focusing on our skincare regime, et al. These little acts of self-care usually take place in the most important room of the house - the bathroom. For Stout, a luxury sanitary ware brand based in India, we created a publication design that portrayed the elegance and style of its line of products.

The aesthetics of a bath

The sanctuary of a bathroom can provide a well-deserved rest for the mind, as well as for the body. Therefore, when customers look to remodel their bathrooms, it is imperative to establish the aesthetics of the range of products being offered. Stout wanted to enhance and solidify its brand presence by creating a product catalogue.

A sophisticated experience

The approach we took was simple. It revolved around two core concepts - Elegance and Sophistication. The right balance of the two, suits a luxury brand like Stout. In terms of design, we chose a minimalistic approach to portray the product as the hero. It was imperative for us to include a precise amount of information while showcasing the grandeur of the different lines of products ranging from hand faucets to shower faucets. Accessorising the bathroom, beautifies the experience of one indulging with the self, every day. That being said, we made an attempt to give the reader a glimpse of luxury through this product catalogue.