CSR Booklet (2018)

by L&T Financial Services

Publication, Film & Motion

Transforming communities responsibly

Human beings crave the sense of community. It harbours great strength, unity and compassion; a community is what unites and leads us to development. L&T Financial Services has always believed in giving back to these communities in India. They realised the need to go beyond mere philanthropy when it comes to CSR; they were driven to make a difference. Communities exist because of both the people and the ecosystem. Hence, when the ecosystem starts to fade away, it becomes a responsibility to rejuvenate it. For L&T Financials Services, we designed a CSR booklet in 2018 that told their story.

Rejuvenating ecosystems

Growth becomes inevitable with the right amount of care and resources, but what happens when you are deprived of necessities? The progress fades away, affecting the life around it. In the remote villages of Maharashtra, including the Vidarbha region, water scarcity is an ongoing crisis. The Brand takes an effort to improve and rejuvenate the ecosystem of these grief-stricken regions. Their inspiring story was condensed into the CSR booklet, which focused on the growth of these communities. The theme, ‘You grow, we grow’, symbolises the importance of community building that leads to nation-building.

Simplifying the process

A CSR booklet is a crucial document that talks about the company’s efforts to sustain and develop the environment. We took up the challenge to incorporate the copious amount of information with the right amount of infographics regarding their Integrated Water Resource Management Initiative. By using flow charts, we broke down the method they adopted into different stages, making it visually appealing. The report was heavy on imagery and the brand colours were also incorporated throughout the design. We aimed to make a compelling and cohesive report by maintaining a clean and simple visual language.