Integrated Annual Report (2020-21)

by RBL Bank


Banking on trust

In the banking industry, trust is the cornerstone of the relationship that a bank holds with its customer. As a Brand that focuses on providing a personalised experience to its customers and stakeholders, RBL Bank was looking to design its Integrated Annual Report for the year 2020-21. This presented an opportunity for us to create and conceptualise a unique publication design that brings to light the various accomplishments of the Bank.

Strength is always collective

Collective strength connotes much more than mere physical strength. It is the foundation of all things great. It represents companionship, compassion and empathy. It also showcases togetherness and support; qualities important to outgrow hardship and emerge stronger as a team and also as an individual. With the advent of the global pandemic, collective strength stood the test of time. Inspired by what the Brand stands for, and its achievements in the last fiscal year, we designed their 78th Integrated Annual Report around the theme “Apno Ke Saath, Stronger Together”. Banking on this core belief, we weaved the theme, bearing in mind the collective efforts of various stakeholders who contributed towards the growth of RBL Bank.

Embracing the human side

In order to visually represent the theme on the cover page, we used a black and white photograph treated with red and blue shades of the brand colours to show contrast of the grip between them. Hands symbolise the pure human connection that we long for. As the greatest of all tools, not only does it represent strength but also security. We incorporated the brand colours throughout the publication design. The interlocking palms subtly form a heart, symbolising compassion and empathy, thereby humanising the Bank’s efforts. The layout of the pages inside is left to be quite simple thereby highlighting the information provided. We aimed to make it easier for the eye to spot relevant information which was achieved by finding the right balance between design and the content.