Integrated Annual Report (2021-22)

by RBL Bank


Leveraging strength

RBL Bank has always set the calibre of Integrity and Service Standards quite high for themselves as they are one of India’s leading private sector banks. As a bank that consciously pays attention to its customers, RBL Bank presented an opportunity for us to create and conceptualise its Integrated Annual Report for the year 2021-22.

Growth is progressive

Unprecedented times have tested our limits. However, RBL Bank has been one of the many that have emerged stronger due to its people, good corporate governance, and trust above all. This is not to say that growth is limited but instead, it is a meticulous process that continues every single day, regardless of the challenges. Inspired by this strength of the organisation and the efforts taken by the Stakeholders, we created their 79th Annual Report with the theme “Growth with Continuity”, focusing on the progressive steps the Bank continues to take.

People build growth

The cover page of the report puts emphasis on the core of RBL bank, i.e., their people. People are at the heart of what a bank does and the arrow built with a collective group symbolises the growth that continues to build with them. This includes the employees, stakeholders and of course, the customers that bring growth, one person at a time. The brand colours are also incorporated to highlight the efforts RBL Bank takes to build and sustain the formed relationships.