L&T Housing Finance

Marketing Communication

Humans are exceptional nomads

Humanity started off by being nomadic. The neanderthals and the rest would often be drawn to shifting from one place to another, and today, the same nomadic instincts kick-in during one’s journey through life, for the basic purpose of sustenance and safety. The one place that answers both these needs, is a home. It is a haven that makes sense of all the fallen pieces and fits them together peacefully. L&T Finance recognised this need and added ‘Housing Finance’ to their list of financial offerings.

A sacred place to unwind

The home has always been a safe space where individuals grow and so do families. It ties its members together to form wholesome bonds and creates moments that lay the stepping stones of a life awaited to be experienced and lived. This is an idea that we are all familiar with. Keeping this thought in mind, ‘Aao apne ghar chalein’ was the launch campaign that brought this idea to its outset.

Little moments that grow

The various images used in the designs of the campaign, showed the little moments that spread smiles in every Indian household; a haven. The campaign represented the metaphorical significance of a home and tied it to an aspiration that every human being has; having one’s own home.