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Innovate: To make our customers successful

It all started when a brand wanted to do one simple thing, ‘To make their customers successful’ and that brand is Daimler India Commercial Vehicles; for a brand that wants to be Future Ready so clearly, the theme for Hackathon was but of course, 'Innovate.’

And the Hackathon kicks off…

At DICV Hackathon 2022, the brand sent an invite to brilliant minds across the country to use their intellect to just innovate. These sharp minds over 3 days would solve problems with tangible solutions. Problems that would otherwise seem complex.

Building intrigue to revealing the theme

Since the objective of the Hackathon was to provide solutions to tomorrow’s problem, from the teaser phase itself we added a futuristic design that spoke innovation through and through.

After 3 teasers, for the reveal, we used elements that reflect hi-tech innovation-led motions to ensure that the Innovate Logo Unit stands out all by itself and adds value to Innovation Month.