The Barnyard

by Ahimsa-Verite

Branding & Identity

The unending rat race

Life is a constant race. Just as a mouse runs behind cheese, so do humans. However, for us, the cheese is constantly changing but the running never stops. This rat race leaves us with little to no time to experience the serenity that life has to offer. Based on this core belief, Ahimsa-Verite conceptualised ‘The Barnyard’. Mapping across 20 acres of the aesthetic countryside of Tamil Nadu, the Barnyard is an ecological holiday-home with integrated hospitality services.

When simplicity meets sustainability

A community driven initiative, The Barnyard is a contemporary destination that thrives on its simplicity and self-sustainability. It offers its patrons the opportunity to reconnect with the environment and form a relationship with nature. As a serene destination, The Barnyard is home to a diverse and organic experience; something that the daily hustle might keep you barred from. A holistic location, The Barnyard would include all facilities of recreation, possible in the countryside without hampering the delivery of a unique experience.

A dynasty in itself

The brand mark becomes is a representation of the feeling that a brand propagates amongst its stakeholders. Hence, to keep the simplicity of The Barnyard intact, we created a mnemonic of the initials ’T’ and ‘B’. We placed this mnemonic at the centre of a circle, ensuring that it resembled a sigil. The insight behind this was to create an identity for the landscape and associate it with richness, like a powerful dynasty. Such dynasties from history were represented by their sigils and thus, this became a fitting move for the representation of the project.