by Northern Arc

Branding & Identity, Film & Motion

Bonding with investments

Our definition of investment and diversification is widely centred around finance in the form of debt and equity whose avenues include mutual fund, shares, stocks, bonds and the list goes on! AltiFi is a platform that focuses on garnering investors to invest in debt instruments and securities which are different from the rest and substantially diversify the investor's portfolio.

Familiarising with Alternate Finance

A combination of 'Alternate' and 'Finance', the name of the brand suggests the diverse twist that it brings to every portfolio through debt instruments.

Giving form and meaning to the brand

Keeping the diverse nature of the platform in mind, the logo was conceptualised using two core elements of art - form and meaning.

For form, we considered the 3 basic shapes within geometry - the square, circle, and the triangle. Each of these shapes are strikingly different and unique in terms of formation and structure. As they strike the perfect balance on the left of the brand mark, it makes one think about the wonders of diversification and its significance in balancing one's investment portfolio.

For meaning, the hue in the brand mark conveys the age-old association of the colour 'green' and 'blue' with fertility and abundance respectively. This serves as the foundation of the brand mark, drawing its close connection to wealth.