Vérité Realty

Branding & Identity

Laying the foundation

Truth is the foundation of all human relationships. Without a strong foundation, its integrity is likely to be compromised. Just like relationships, every other piece of infrastructure also requires a solid foundation. While the real estate industry has grown by leaps and bounds, it is still facing challenges due to a lack of development management competency. While some might find it challenging, others found an opportunity which led to the inception of Vérité Realty.

Building on the truth

‘Vérité’ means truth in French, and truth is the most important virtue of any establishment. Being truthful paves way for building trust and makes room for a relationship to grow and bloom. For a Brand that is geared to solve actual on-ground problems from start to finish by providing development management solutions, it is integral for it to be perceived as honest and true.

A well-rounded design

A honeycomb is a geometric structure that minimises the amount of material used. Its fundamental shape, a hexagon is known to have the most structural integrity. For Vérité Realty, we built the Brand identity and communications keeping in mind their core value. A Brand that stands for durability and integrity, the hexagonal design seemed fitting for the Brand mark. When we think of home, we feel warm and happy; we feel yellow. It is a hue that represents warmth, pleasure, positivity, and freshness. Therefore, the Brand colours revolved around the different hues of yellow.

Development management is a holistic process. It includes almost all key responsibilities, from design and construction to sales and marketing. It brings together different aspects required to transform a real estate asset. By 'connecting the dots across various parameters, the Brand becomes a wholesome entity'.